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Best Chop Saw Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best Chop Saw? Then read on for our complete guide to all the best options on the market and reviews of the top models.
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If you’re a carpenter or artisan that works with big pieces of lumber or steel frequently, then you need a chop saw in your workshop. These powerful machines tear through the toughest hardwoods and steel in minutes, providing you with a clean and accurate cut. Trying to do the same task with a handheld saw or a chainsaw leaves room for error, and it’s not efficient.

A chop saw has one purpose, to cut your wood or metal. That seems like a simple enough task. However, there are dozens of models available, all with different features and specifications. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, then you might end up choosing a model that’s unsuitable for your application.

In this review of the best chop saw, we’ll go over everything you need to know when selecting your machine. We take a deep dive into the specs of our top choices and provide you with a buyer’s guide to help you finalize your decision on the model that’s right for you.

Our Top Picks

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire review, we made things easy for you. Here are our top picks for the best chop saw. There’s’ a model here for cost-conscious carpenters and metalworkers on a budget, as well as a premium option for professionals. We also have a best-in-class model that’s suitable for any workshop.

Best Pick: Evolution Power Tools RAGE4

Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 7-1/4-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw
  • No coolant required and produced virtually no sparks
  • Easier to use than a hacksaw
  • Compact and portable
  • High quality construction
  • No heat build up when cutting steel

This compact model has a small footprint for easy storage. It doesn’t build up heat in the motor, even with extended use, and there are no sparks from the machine during operation. This machine works so well that you don’t need to worry about coolant.

Premium Pick: DeWalt DW872

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)
  • Your purchase includes One Dewalt 14-Inch Metal Cutting Saw | Wrench and Vertical Clamp
  • Tool dimensions – 21” L x 28” H | Tool weight – 47 lbs. | No load Speed – 1,300 RPM | Horse Power – 4HP | Max Capacity (Rectangular/Round) – 6.5” x 4.5” / 5-3/16” | Wheel Arbor – 1” | Wheel Diameter – 14”
  • Utilizing a carbide tipped blade allows the depth of cut to remain constant throughout blade life
  • Specially designed carbide teeth deliver fast, precise, virtually burr-free cuts reducing the need for preparation grinding, and finished cuts that are cool to the touch
  • Multi-Cutter offers versatility by cutting a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals | Cuts 4 times faster than chop saws and 8 times faster than portable band saws in 2-inch by 2-inch by 1/4-inch angle iron

DeWalt is a leading premium brand in power tools, and its DW872 model is the best choice for professional metalworkers and woodworkers. This high-speed machine cuts up to 4-time faster than standard chop saws, with carbide-tipped blades that rip through the hardest woods and steel.

Budget Pick: Porter-Cable PCE700

PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw, 15-Amp, 14-Inch (PCE700)
  • 15 Amp, 3,800 RPM motor with replaceable brushes
  • Quick-release material clamp
  • Cutting fence with miter adjustment
  • Heavy duty steel base for stability
  • Spark deflector

If you’re on a budget for your chop saw, then the Porter-Cable model is an affordable option that doesn’t skimp on performance. You get a spark deflector and miter adjustment for cutting at an angle. The powerful motor reaches a maximum speed of 3,800-rpm.

Top 10 Chop Saw Reviews

Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 – The Best Overall Chop Saw

The Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 Chop Saw wins our top spot as the best overall model in this review. This power tool allows for the quick and efficient cutting of the most robust materials, from hardwoods to steel.

The 7.25-inch cutting range of the blade means that you’ll make short work of the thickest wooden beams or rolled steel products. We like that this machine isn’t too heavy, and its compact size makes it easy to move around the workshop and job sites. At 19-lbs, it’s one of the lightest chop saws in this review.

The design and construction of the Evolution Power Tools Rage4 are excellent, with premium-quality components that give it many years of hassle-free operation. We like that you don’t need any coolant when operating the machine, and it produces minimal amounts of spark.

Chop saws are notorious for producing a spark, especially when working on metal. This machine does an excellent job of mitigating heat build-up, and the spark guard ensures that you don’t get any splinters or metallic sparks in your eye while working with the chop saw.

The ergonomic handle and trigger reduce operator fatigue, and the miter clamp bevels up to 45-degrees to help you cut frames and joints with ease.

Evolution also includes a 3-year warranty with this chop saw, giving you peace of mind against all manufacturing defects.

The Evolution Rage4 is the perfect balance between DIY and a semi-industrial machine. The powerful motor provides hours of extended use without taking strain on your arms. If you’re a professional carpenter, then this model offers you great value at an affordable price.

Contractors can move this machine around easily. The lightweight and compact nature of this chop saw, make it easy to put in the back of your truck and transport to your next job site.

The wide range of the swingarm and cutting disc allow you to cut through materials of up to 5-1/8″ in thickness, which is more than sufficient for the largest carpentry or metalworking jobs.

Hobbyist carpenters and metalworkers will also get plenty of value out of this model, and that’s why it wins our top spot in this review.

  • Compact and easy to store
  • No parks or heat build-up
  • Doesn’t require coolant during operation
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • 10-amp motor
  • 7-1/4 inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 3,500-rpm
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use.

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DeWalt DW872 14-Inch – The Best Premium Chop Saw

For contractors and professionals that demand the best performance from their power tools, we recommend the DeWalt DW872. This 14-inch chop saw is for professionals that find themselves frequently using a chop saw in the workshop.

This DeWalt model allows you to work on a wide variety of materials, including ferrous metals and wood. This machine chops through everything like butter, and it’s a pleasure to operate. The saw blades feature carbide tips that are extra-hard and very durable, allowing you to rip through the toughest hardwoods in seconds.

You also get a carbide metal saw blade that cuts through steel effortlessly. The real standout feature of this machine is high operating speed. This machine spins the saw blade up to 4 times faster than any other model in this review. As a result, you get a powerful cutting action that’s 4-times faster than other machines in its class.

Weighing 55-pounds, the DeWalt is a somewhat heavy machine, thanks to its cast-iron base. The base also features rubber grommets that hug any surface, preventing the machine from slipping during use.

The spark guard ensures you don’t get splinters or grinding dust in your eyes, but you’ll still need to use safety glasses and gloves during the operation of the machine.

The high-speed cutting blade also produces a clean cut. Many other models leave a bur on the edges that require deburring with a sander or tool after cutting. The superior cutting action of the machine makes it the ideal choice for carpenters that do a lot of cutting and want to save time deburring their stock.

The DeWalt DW872 14-Inch Chop Saw is a robust and durable machine that suits the needs of professional carpenters and contractors.

The 70-tooth saw blade lowers your cost per cut, and the 4x cutting speed makes it a class-leading model that suits the most demanding workplace applications.

Hobbyist carpenters don’t need this kind of power and precision. Save yourself some money and go for the Evolution Power Tools Rage4.

  • Top-quality design and construction with premium components
  • Carbide-tipped saw blades
  • Cuts at speeds 4x faster than other models in its class
  • Suitable for cutting steel and wood
  • 15-amp electric motor
  • 14-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 3,800-rpm
  • Pricey Option

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Porter-Cable PCE700 – The Best Budget Chop Saw

Carpenters that are working with a budget will love the Porter-Cable PCE700. This machine features a powerful 15-amp motor that makes short work of all materials.

The outstanding design of this chop saw makes it a top contender on our list, and great value for money. This machine is not a “cheap” chop saw by any means. Instead, it offers the DIY carpenter an affordable option with excellent service life.

The cutting fence is large, and able to secure materials up to 5-1/8″, and the adjustable miter allows for cutting angles of 45 to 90-degrees. The saw blade spins at speeds of up to 3,800-rpm, and you get a free set of brushes for your motor when you start to wear out the ones that come with your machine.

It’s easy to replace the brushes yourself, and a quick YouTube tutorial will turn you into an expert in minutes. We also like the quick-release clamp on this model, and the spark deflector protects your eyes and hands from any spark. However, we always recommend you wear PPE when operating any chop saw.

The sturdy cast-iron base features rubber feet to prevent the machine from slipping around during use.

The Porter-Cable PCE700 Chop Saw is a powerful machine at an affordable price point. If you’re a hobbyist carpenter or woodworker, then this model has everything you need to complete your projects.

The quick-release clamp and ergonomic handle reduce operator fatigue and provide you with total control over the cut from start to finish. You can’t beat the value on offer with this model, and it won’t break your bank account.

  • The powerful motor makes short work of all materials
  • The blade spins up to 3,800-rpm
  • Adjustable miter up to 45-degrees
  • Spark deflector for safety
  • 15-Amp motor
  • 14-inch blade
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use

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Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw

Everyone that knows power tools is familiar with the Makita Brand. Makita design and construct some of the best semi-industrial machines available, and if you want a chop saw that lasts a lifetime, this model is your top choice.

The miter settings on this machine allow you to adjust the cutting angle up to 45-degrees for framing and joint work.

The Makita offers superior operator control when cutting, and the oversized double trigger for this model reduces operator fatigue while cutting. The ergonomic handle fits well in your hand, increasing your confidence when using the machine.

The safety features on this machine are impressive, with a lock-off button preventing accidental startup. The carbide-tipped saw blades on this machine last up to 50-times longer than traditional steel abrasive wheels. Therefore, while you might spend more money on this model upfront, the long-term savings on the saw blades justifies the horrendously expensive price tag.

Unlike other models, the Makita cuts clean, leaving hardly any bur after you finish your cut. This Makita model can cut through metal up to 4.5-inches thick, and the fence and miter angle up to 45-degrees. The powerful 15-amp motor and 12-inch cutting depth make short work of steel and ferrous metals.

The premium build quality and components of this machine are second to none, and if you have the budget available, we highly recommend this model for professionals.

The Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw is a marvel of technology and stands up to the Makita brand reputation for producing some of the best power tools in the world. If you’re using a chop saw in your workshop every day, then this model will last you for years.

  • Adjustable miter
  • Quick-release setting
  • Carbide-tipped saw blades
  • Ergonomic handle and trigger
  • Top-quality design and construction with premium materials
  • 15-Amp electric motor
  • 12-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 1,300-rpm
  • Expensive

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DeWalt D28710 Abrasive Saw

While we’re on the topic of premium-quality chop saws, the DeWalt D28710 Abrasive Saw is another top-quality model that suits the most demanding workshop needs. This model also features a powerful 15-amp motor that provides 4-hp to the cutting blade.

You get overload protection with this machine, preventing it from hanging up on material halfway through the cut. That’s an interesting safety feature that you won’t find on many other brands. The quick-lock vice on the base allows for easy setup and removal of your material from the saw.

This model features an aluminum oxide grain wheel designed for extended use and long service life. The D-shape handle feels comfortable in your hands, reducing operator fatigue. Changing out the blades in this machine is easy, with the onboard wheel wrench and spindle lock providing effortless changes between blades for cutting steel or wood.

The miter on this model allows carpenters and metalworkers to cut materials at 45 or 90-degree angles, and the rubber feet on the machine ensure it doesn’t slip around when in use.

The rear spark guard on this machine minimizes spark, deflecting it toward the floor and away from your body and face.

Overall, the DeWalt is a solid choice for your next chop saw. Its powerful operation and robust cutting wheel ensure that you get an accurate cut that limits burrs. With a maximum operating speed of 3,800-rpm, this machine is strong enough to saw through all types of materials.

However, the price tag is steep on this chop saw, but you get what you pay for, and you can expect nothing but the best performance from this DeWalt model.

  • Adjustable miter
  • Top-quality design with premium components
  • Ergonomic design
  • 15-amp motor
  • 14-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 3,800-rpm
  • Expensive

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Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380

The Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 Saw is an upgrade to the winner of the best overall chop saw in this review.

This machine has more power and plenty of versatility. Evolution sells the blades separately, providing you with 14 options for cutting a wide variety of materials, from aluminum, wood, steel, and ferrous metals.

The miter on this machine angles to 45-degrees for framing and joint work, and the quick-release vise locks into an adjustable fence to help you with easy setup of the machine before you start cutting.

You also get a chip and spark deflector, acting as a safeguard to protect your hands, body, and eyes from any spark or wood chips. The chip collection tray at the bottom of the machine is a nice touch and helps you keep your workshop tidy while limiting the amount of dust in the air.

This machine has a heavy-duty design and makes an excellent addition to any professional workshop. Homeowners and carpenters that only use a chop saw on occasion might find it hard to justify the purchase price on this machine, and should look at the best budget model in this review instead.

  • Powerful 1,800-watt motor
  • No coolant needed
  • 15-Amp motor
  • 15-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 1,650-rpm
  • Might be too industrial for the home workshop

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DeWalt D28715 Quick-Change

As mentioned earlier in this review, DeWalt is a premium power tool brand that knows how to charge for their products. However, this model is a pleasant surprise, and you can think of it as the little brother to the other DeWalt model mentioned earlier.

This machine features top-quality design and durable components that make it a top choice. You get a 15-amp motor that provides plenty of power to the chop saw, allowing you to cut through wood and steel with ease.

You get the same overload protection as other models, preventing hang-ups and stalling of the machine when you apply to much pressure to the swingarm.

The ergonomic design of the handle feels good when operating the machine, reducing fatigue in your fingers and palms during cutting.

This machine comes with the same locking miter vise that secures your material against the fence at the back of the base. The miter allows you to cut 45 and 90-degree angles with a quick-release locking system that allows for quick changes of your materials between cuts.

Our favorite feature of this model is the onboard blade wrench that allows quick blade changes without the need to use your typical wrench key set up to remove the blade. This DeWalt model has all the power you need in a chop saw, and it comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

The DeWalt D28715 Quick-Change Saw suits the home artisan and hobbyist looking for the best chop saw for their home workshop.

The price is fantastic, and it offers a premium performing product at an affordable price point. This machine belongs in your home workshop, and it’s the last chop saw you’ll ever need to buy.

  • Powerful 15-amp motor operating at 5.5-hp
  • Quick change system doesn’t require a wrench
  • Miter adjustments
  • 15-amp motor
  • 14-inch blade
  • Max speed 4,000-rpm
  • Expensive

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Bosch 3814 Abrasive

Bosch is a well-known brand producing some of the best DIY power tools available. The 3814 abrasive chop saw features a powerful 15-amp motor that spins the saw blade at speeds of up to 3,900-rpm.

DIY metalworking enthusiasts and carpenters will get plenty of value from this machine at an affordable price point. The locking vise on this model prevents the material from slipping due to the vibration of the cutting wheel and swingarm, it’s an essential safety feature, and we’re pleased to see Bosch include it in this model.

The miter lock on the machine angles to 45 and 90-degrees, allowing for plenty of versatility in your cuts. The adjustable fencing improves the grip of the vise, enabling you to cut through large pieces of material. The machine also comes with an adjustable cutting depth, allowing you to set up the 14-inch cutting blade to reach the right depth as the cutting wheel starts to wear away.

The swingarm also features a trigger lock, reducing operator fatigue when using the machine for extended periods.

The rubber feet on the machine prevent it from slipping while you work, and the spark guard does an excellent job of pushing the sparks down toward the floor and away from your face. With cast-iron construction, the base of the machine is sturdy and durable.

The Bosch 3814 Abrasive Saw is an excellent choice for the home DIY workshop. If you need a reliable machine that lasts for years, then this model will give you everything you need for decades of service life.

Bosch also provides a full range of spares for this model, ensuring that you have spare brushes available if you burn them out.

This model does not suit industrial or frequent use, and you run the risk of voiding your warranty if the manufacturer thinks you were operating the machine outside its intended purpose.

  • Adjustable miter
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • The safety lock system on the trigger
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • 14-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 3,900-rpm
  • Too much machine for a home workshop

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Ironton Dry Cut Metal Tool

Ironton is a lesser-known brand in the power tool market, but they make some fantastic machines for DIY use. The Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw has everything the professional artisan needs to cut through the most hardened steel.

The 15-amp motor on this chop saw spins the abrasive wheel at speeds of up to 1,450-rpm, providing the ideal speeds for efficiently cutting through steel and ferrous metals.

Contractors will love the way this machine keeps working all day without any hang-ups or overheating. The insulated motor keeps the components cool under extreme operating conditions, extending its service life.

The worktable on this model features cast-iron construction, with an adjustable miter block and fence that keeps your material secure while you work. This machine is so powerful that you’ll need to engage the miter lock to ensure the vibrations don’t cause the miter to ship back, resulting in a workplace injury.

The ergonomic D-shape handle and trigger lock provide plenty of comfort during operation, reducing operator fatigue in your hands while you work. You also get a lock button that ensures you don’t accidentally start the machine, preventing injuries and accidents in the workshop.

The cast-iron base features rubber feet that prevent the machine from moving around while you work. We like the quick-release locking system on this machine, providing you with quick changes of materials between cutting jobs.

The carbide-tipped saw blades rip through stainless-steel like butter and remain sharp throughout the blades service life. The saw guard and spark deflector ensure that no chips or dust get in your eyes, deflecting the park towards the ground.

The Ironton Dry Cut Chop Saw is one of the best choices in this review for contractors. If you frequently use a chop saw throughout the workday, then this model offers you peak performance when you need it most.

This machine offers plenty of power, and you can chop through stainless steel and ferrous metals using the same saw blade. If you need a machine that you can rely on in your workshop, then this model won’t let you down. The saw provides you with a 4¾-inch cutting depth for round bar or tube, and 41/8-inch cutting depth for square materials.

The price tag on this machine is affordable, and we rank it right up there with Makita and DeWalt in terms of the quality on offer with this chop saw.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable miter
  • Lock button for additional safety
  • 15-amp motor
  • 14-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 1,450-rpm
  • Too industrial for home use

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OEM Tools 14-inch Chop Saw

If you’re a hobbyist metalworker or you’re looking for an affordable chop saw, then the OEM Tools 14-inch model is an excellent choice for occasional use. This machine features an electric motor that spins the saw blade at speeds of up to 3,700-rpm.

You get all of the safety features you would expect with a premium model, including a spark deflector at the back of the sturdy cast-iron base, and a blade cover that protects your body and face from sparks during the cutting process.

The 14-inch abrasive blade isn’t as durable as other models in this review, and you might have to change it our frequently if you find yourself using the machine often. The maximum cutting depth of the saw allows you to cut a 4.72-inch round bar or tubing.

You also get an 8-mm hex wrench included with the machine for easy blade changes. The adjustable fence and miter block provides cutting angles of up to 45-degrees, and the locking clamp on the miter prevents the material from shifting while you cut.

The cast-iron base of the machine features rubber feet to prevent the saw from slipping on the workbench. Overall, this machine is lightweight and compact, allowing for easy storage after use.

This affordable chop saw suits DIY carpenters and metal workers looking for a model that doesn’t break the bank account. However, we are hesitant to recommend it, as some users report issues with service life and poor customer service from the manufacturer.

This machine suits workshops that only need the services of a chop saw from time to time. If you need a model that performs every day, then you’re better off going with our recommended budget model in our top picks.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • lightweight and easy to transport
  • Good value for money
  • powerful 15-amp motor
  • 14-inch blade
  • Maximum operating speed 3,700-rpm
  • Not suitable for industrial use
  • Some users report issues with service life

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Chop Saw Buyer’s Guide

Chop saws are a necessity for workshops that do plenty of cutting jobs. Trying to cut a 2×4 into eight pieces takes forever if you’re doing it by hand, even with a handheld electric saw. However, a chop saw makes short work of the job, cutting your material into sections in seconds.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about selecting the right chop saw for your workshop.

What Materials Can You Cut with Chop Saws?

Chop saws are versatile, and most of them have enough power to cut through the thickest pieces of wood and metal as well.

However, chop saws require different blades for cutting steel and wood. Typically, the wood blade featured carbide-coated teeth, while the metal blades look like giant, thin grinding wheels.

Chop saws are efficient for cutting wood at any angle. The adjustable miter block allows you to cut at a 90 or 45-degree angle.

When cutting steel, the blade spins at slower RPMs compared to wood saws. You’ll also need to ensure that your chop saw features a spark guard to prevent sparks from getting onto your face or hands during use.

What Are the Components of a Chop Saw?

A chop saw comes with a sturdy metal base that provides support to the machine during use. However, powerful models require mounting or clamping to a workbench to prevent them from moving around during operation.

Some chop saws come with a dedicated stand, allowing you to set them up anywhere in the workshop.

On top of the base, you’ll find the miter clamp. The miter clamp secures the material against the backstop on the machine. Most miters allow the operator to switch between 45-degree and 90-degree cutting angles. As a result, it’s easy to cut joints for frames.

The swingarm of the machine mounts to the base, and most have a spring-loaded action. The swingarm houses the motor and the cutting disc, as well as the spark deflector. The power button is usually located on the swing arm as well.

Safety Tips for Using Chop Saws

Chop saws are powerful tools that can cause accidents in the workshop if not used with the correct caution and care.

The blades on these machines spin at high rpm, and if you get clothing or your fingers caught in the machine, it could lead to a devastating workplace injury that sends you to the emergency room. Pay attention to the following safety tips before you start your saw for the first time.

  • Make sure your machine is unplugged at the wall socket
  • Check you have the correct blade installed for the material you’re cutting
  • Check the spark guard is moving freely
  • Place your material into the miter, and secure it to the back wall of the base using the clamp
  • Turn on the power at the mains
  • Make sure you’re wearing safety glasses and gloves
  • Tuck away all loose clothing, and tie up long hair
  • Turn the power switch on while keeping one hand on the swingarm
  • Use both hands on the swing arm to engage the blade with the material and start your cut
  • Expert tip: When cutting, let the machine do the work. Don’t force the swing arm down onto the material, as it may cause the blade to jam, burning out the brushes on the motor.

Chop Saw FAQ

Our buyer’s guide should give you some more insight into choosing the best chop saw for your workshop. In case you have a few questions, check through our FAQ for more information.

What cutting jobs can you do with a chop saw?

Chops saws let you make quick and accurate cuts in wood and metal. However, it’s crucial that you’ll only use the saw for its intended purpose. Don’t use it as a grinder or sander – that’s how accidents happen in the workshop.

Chop saws can cut through thick materials in minutes, but you need to make sure you have a model that suits the type of metalwork or woodwork you do.

What is the difference between a miter saw and a chop saw?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but the reality is that they are entirely different tools for different purposes.

A chop saw is suitable for making crosscuts, which are straight cuts that are perpendicular to the base of the machine. Miter saws can make a 90-degree crosscut, and they can produce bevel cuts as well.

What are the best chop saw brands?

Chop saws are available from plenty of power tool brands. We recommend all of the brands in this review.

However, if you’re looking for the best premium models, we recommend Makita and DeWalt. Skil, Ironton, and Bosch are also leading brands in the DIY industry, producing top-quality machines for use in the home workshop.

How much do chop saws cost?

Premium brands retail machines for $200 or more. However, these chop saws are the best money can buy and suitable for semi-industrial use. You can find cheaper models in the DIY range, and you can expect to pay around $75 to $150 for a decent machine.

Where can I buy a chop saw?

Chop saws are available from most hardware and department stores. However, we doubt you’ll find the same range as you would at an online retailer like Amazon. Buying online also saves you money, as online retailers don’t have the same overheads as brick-and-mortar retailers.

If you end up with a lemon, the exchange returns and refunds policy with Amazon ensures you get a full refund or replacement of your machine.


By now you should have a good idea of the best chop saw to meet your woodworking and metalworking needs. If you’re still battling with your decision, then you can rely on our top picks.

The Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 wins our top spot as the best overall machine. If you’re a hobbyist woodworker, then this machine is all you need. It has enough power to cut through wood and metal, and it’s suitable for some semi-industrial work as well.

Those contractors and professional carpenters that need more performance and durability from their chop saw should look at the DeWalt DW872. This machine features top-quality design and construction with premium components.

The Porter-Cable PCE700 is the best budget machine in this review. This model is not a “cheap” machine. Instead, it offers you the best value for money in this review, providing a good balance between performance and the price tag.

Choose the model that suits your working environment and your usage of the machine. Buying the DeWalt for your home workshop is overkill if you only use a chop saw from time to time, and you’ll do better with one of the other top 3 models.

Similarly, trying to use the Porter-Cable as an industrial machine will lead to you burning out the motor prematurely. Select the best chop saw to suit your workshop needs and budget.

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James is our resident expert in tools and home renovation. He has managed his own home renovation company and joins us to write all our tool reviews and guides. Contact

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