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Kids Bedroom Design Ideas: Creative & Fun Ideas Your Kids Will Love

If you’re redesigning your kids bedroom and you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here's our top fun design ideas for kids
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Childhood is fleeting. In the blink of an eye, your kiddos are all grown up and have nothing but memories of their formative years to reflect on. Like most parents, your goal is to provide your little ones with the fondest memories possible. One of the best ways you can do just that is by giving them an awesome bedroom.

When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, the options really are limitless. There are so many fun themes, colors, and furnishings that can be incorporated, but whatever type of design you choose, there are some objectives that you should aim to achieve: The space should be inspiring and promote the imagination, make them feel welcomed and protected, and of course, it should invite sleep.

If you’re redesigning your child’s bedroom and you need some inspiration, here’s a look at some awesome ideas that will be sure to help you create a space that your little one will love to call their own.

Use Fun Colors

Kids are naturally drawn to vibrant colors. They’re super fun and totally inviting, so it’s easy to see why.

Whether you choose rainbow-inspired, such as sunny yellow, apple red, cobalt blue, and emerald green, brighter and funkier, colors, such as fuchsia, violet, and electric blue, or a softer color palette, like pastel pink, baby blue, and lemon yellow, using fun colors in a child’s bedroom will surely welcome them into the space.

Choose fun colors
Choose fun colors

Plus, a colorful room is more likely to promote imaginative play, so your little one will love spending hours playing in their bedroom.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Theme

What is it that your kiddo absolutely loves? Thomas and Friends, Disney Princesses, Marvel Superheroes, Pokemon, Minecraft? Whatever it is that your child is really into, use it as the theme for his or her bedroom. Pull out all the stops, too!

For example, if your daughter loves princesses, give her a bedroom that’s fit for royalty. Paint the walls a beautiful shade of pink or purple (or perhaps use both), a canopy bed or a tufted headboard, luxe linens, an armoire filled with costumes, a dressing table, and of course, a small table and chairs where she can host tea parties.

An Ocean Theme
An Ocean Theme

If your son is a Pokemon fanatic, create a room that any gym leader would be proud to train in. Paint a focal wall so that it resembles a Pokeball, hang decals and framed posters of his favorite Pocket Monsters on the walls, and of course, dress his bed in Pokemon-themed bedding.

Camp-out Inside

Does your little one love the Great Outdoors and camping? If so, why not create a bedroom that will make them feel like they’re on a campout every night? Suspend red, plaid (or any other color) fabric from the ceiling and drape it over the bed to create a “tent”; or, you could use a loft-style bed and drape fabric on the bottom to create a tent area.

A Teepee is a fun addition
A Teepee is a fun addition

On the wall behind the bed, use wallpaper or paint a mural that resembles the woods. Place a pop-up teepee tent in a corner of the room. Add in some rustic elements and camping accessories, such as picture frames made of natural wood or tree branches, lanterns for light fixtures, a camp chair or two around a fake fire, and a green shag area rug that resembles grass.

For the linens, cotton in a plaid pattern would pull the whole look together.

Create a Reading Nook

“A child who reads is an adult who thinks” (unknown), so instill a lifetime love of reading in your little one by building reading nook. Create storage for your child’s library by installing pre-fabricated bookshelves on the walls, use rain cutters to create DIY shelves, or position self-standing bookshelves on the floor.

A book shelf is a must
A book shelf is a must

Spread a plush area rug on the floor, along with some oversized throw pillows. Set a comfortable child-sized armchair or rocking chair in the corner. Hang some inspiring artwork about reading on the walls.

Of course, you’ll also want to add in some task lighting, whether it’s a sconce, an overhead fixture, or a table lamp, so that your kiddo can easily digest all of that wonderful children’s literature.

Creation Station

Your budding artist will love his or her very own creation station; a space where they can enjoy getting creative with artwork and crafts. A free-standing desk or a wall-mounted ledge would be the perfect spot for your little one to draw, paint, write, or doddle. Add in shelfs to store various types of paper, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, and other arts and crafts tools.

Desk for arts & crafts
Desk for arts & crafts

Blank journals and notebooks could be used to create a literary masterpiece. Inspiring quotes or colorful images displayed on the walls will invite creativity. A comfortable, child-sized chair is a must, too. Don’t forget some task lighting so that your kiddo can see what he or she is creating.

Pro tip: if you’re concerned about messes on the floor, use tile in the creation station so that any accidents can be easily wiped up.

Out of this World

For the tyke who has an affinity for space, an intergalactic-themed bedroom would be the perfect choice. Paint the ceiling dark blue to resemble the night sky and suspend models of the planets, comets, and other celestial bodies.

Glow-in-the-dark stars or a projector that casts the constellations and Milky Way would make the perfect night light. For the furniture, consider bright white pieces to call to mind a NASA space shuttle; if you’re feeling really enthused you could even create a DIY headboard that resembles a rocket ship using some MDF and paint.

Space themed bedroom
Space themed bedroom

For the bedding, opt for dark blue or something that has a space-theme, such as the solar system, astronauts, or the cosmos. A spaceship-themed tent on the floor would provide hours of interactive play, and a telescope positioned by the window would be the perfect spot to view the heavens when the sun goes down.

Built-In Bunks

Whether you have two kiddos who share a bedroom or you’re designing a bedroom for a single child and want to make sure there’s room for guests, consider installing built-in bunk beds.

If you’re the handy type, you could attempt to do this project on your own. Just do a quick search online and you’ll be sure to find plenty of easy to follow plans (we found tons of them!).

Bunk Beds
Bunk Beds

Or, you could hire a professional carpenter to come in and do the job for you. Built-in bunks are great for a kids room, not only because, well, what kid doesn’t love sleeping on a bunk bed? – but also because they save space and they’re more secure than a free-standing bunk. Plus, a built-in bunk bed will give the room a more polished and sophisticated look that your little one will be able to grow into a continue using for years to come.

Make a Chalk Wall

Kids and chalk go together like peanut butter and jelly. With some chalk paint, your kiddo will be able to draw or write directly on the wall. A chalk wall isn’t just fun, it also adds visual interest to the space.

Your little one can update the look of his or her room by drawing or writing something new. Mom and dad can also use the wall to leave inspiring messages for their kids. Creating a chalk wall is easy!

Chalk Wall
Chalk Wall

Just purchase a can of high-quality chalk paint, prepare the surface, and paint! You can cover an entire wall, or you can paint just a specific section. However big you make it, use some molding to frame it out and make it look like a real chalkboard. Also, don’t forget to include some storage items to hold chalk and erasers.

Pro tip: you might want to consider putting a protective covering over the floor directly under the wall to catch chalk dust, or install easy to clean tiles on the floor.

Once Upon a Time…

Fairytales are quintessential children’s literature. They are filled with friendly characters, teach great life lessons, and are tales that stay with children for a lifetime. Any child – boy or girl – would love a fairytale bedroom, where they could create their own “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”.

Use whimsical colors, furnishings, and fabrics. The lighter and airier the elements are, the more they’ll tie in with the fairytale feel. Use wallpaper or decals, or hand paint a mural on the wall that reflects your child’s favorite story or that resembles a basic fairytale setting.


If you’re feeling really ambitious, you might even consider having an artificial tree placed in the corner of the room to really bring the theme to life. You could also include a toys and costumes that your child and his or her friends can use to reenact their favorite tale or create their own story.

Of course, you’ll want to add a comfortable reading chair and plenty of copies of fairytales.

Turn Passions Into Artwork

If you’re looking to create a bedroom design that will grow with your child, consider using your little one’s passions as the basis for the décor. For instance, if your daughter loves ballet, you might consider creating a bedroom that incorporates her love of the dance, but that isn’t completely centered on it.

Pale pink and white or peach and cream would be the perfect choice for the color scheme. A mirrored wall, complete with a ballet bar, would be the perfect spot for at-home practices.

A collection of recital clothing arranged in an armoire, and trophies and other awards that she may have received would be the perfect decorative pieces, as would framed photographs of her dancing, toe shoes, or Edgar Degas’ famous ballerina prints.

A Shared Bedroom with Privacy

Siblings sharing a bedroom can be both a blessing and a challenge. They may love the idea of having someone they can chat or play with before they go to sleep and might simply find their brother or sister being in the same room comforting. However, there will likely be times – especially when/if they’re older – that they’ll want to have some privacy, which can be hard to do in a shared bedroom.

Fortunately, with some creative thinking, you can give your kiddos the privacy they need while they’re sharing a common bedroom. If the room is large enough, you could build a partition in the middle so that each child has their own side; alternatively, you could use a free-standing shelving unit, secured to the ceiling and floor, of course, to divide the room, or use a free-standing, movable privacy screen.

If square footage prevents you from dividing the room, you could use curtains to turn their beds into privacy nooks. Suspend curtains from the ceiling using shower curtain rods around each bed. When they need some privacy, they can simply pull the covers around their beds.

Slide Into Good Mornings

What child wouldn’t want to have a slide in their bedroom? Sound impossible? It’s not! You can use a loft bed and attach a slide to the side of it. There are also pre-fabricated loft beds that have built-in slides, or if you’re handy, you can also build your own bed frame and slide combination.

A bedroom slide!
A bedroom slide!

Whichever option you choose, your kiddo – and his or her friends – will love sliding down from the top of the bed to the floor. This type of bed is more than just fun; it’s functional. The space underneath the loft can be used for additional storage, as a play space, a reading nook, or even as a spot to do homework.

Summing It Up

When it comes to children’s bedroom design and décor, anything really is possible. When you’re deciding how to design your child’s bedroom, a word to the wise: take your little one’s opinions into consideration, particularly if they’re older. While mom and dad should have a say, of course, ultimately, it’s your kid’s bedroom, so the design should really be based on something that he or she would love.

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