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Man Cave Design Ideas: How to Create the Ultimate Hangout Space

Ready to create your ultimate man cave? Here’s a look at some great design tips and ideas that you can use to create a great chillout space.
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You give everything your all; your job, your relationship, your kids… Sometimes, every man just needs a little break. A man cave is the perfect space where you can do just that!

Whether it’s a garage, a finished basement, a separate room in your home, or a shed out in the backyard, a man cave is your own personal sanctuary where you can kick back, relax, and unwind without having to feel guilty.

It’s a personal space where you can get some much-needed “me” time. Whether you plan on using it to watch sports on TV, play games with your buddies, or just to hang out and enjoy having nothing to do.

Here’s a look at some great design tips and ideas that you can use to create the ultimate man cave.

Wooden Walls

Create a rustic look in your man cave with wooden walls. Whether its manufactured wood panels or reclaimed pieces of barn wood, this material will set a rustic tone that’s perfect for this chill-out destination.

You can even build a wall from old pallets, here’s how.

Create a wall from old pallets
Create a wall from old pallets

Use wood to create a focal wall and paint the rest of the walls in your favorite color, or cover all of the walls with wood. Whichever option you choose, wooden walls will create the perfect backdrop for your man cave.

Stone Walls

An alternative to wood, stone is another great option for the walls in your man cave. You can collect, cut, and install the stones yourself, or you can purchase pre-made stone veneer sheets.

Stone wall accent, Image by Oakdesignproject

Like with wood, you can choose a single wall to cover in stones to create a statement piece and paint the remaining walls, or you can cover all of the walls with stone to create a cave-like look that would tie in perfectly with the whole “man cave” motif.

Install a Statement Piece

Create a bold statement piece in your man cave with an oversized piece of artwork or a hand painted mural.

Choose a scene from your favorite sporting event, an image of your favorite brewery, or any other type of setting or picture that really speaks to you, reflects your personality, and conveys the feeling that you’re trying to create and display it on a wall.

Theme your room with statement pieces
Theme your room with statement pieces

To really make it pop, have it framed with a wood or metal frame. If you’re choose the hand painted mural route, attach molding directly to the wall around the image to make it pop.

Be Smart with Seating

You want your man cave to be a space where you can get some respite from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, but you also want it to be a spot where you can hang with your buddies and your family (sometimes, if they’re lucky).

With that said, you should be sure to add plenty of seating. Not only should it be comfortable, but it should also be accommodating. Think an oversized sectional, complete with recliners, built-in massagers, drink holders, and charging docks.

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, consider leather couches and arm chairs with high backs. Planning on using your man cave to view movies and watch the sports? Opt for stadium-like seating; individual oversized recliners that offer all of the bells and whistles and are positioned just like they seats would be in a movie theater.


Instead of carpeting, opt for an easy to clean flooring material; natural stone, hardwood, laminate, porcelain tile, or vinyl.

There are so many different options to choose from, but these hard flooring materials are a better option than carpeting because if there’s a spill, it’s going to be a lot easier to clean.

And let’s face it, when you’re in the midst of playing, watching the big game, catching your favorite movie, or just hanging out, spills are bound to happen.

Entertainment is an Absolute Must

There’s no doubt that you’ll want to entertain your pals in your man cave, so you’ll definitely want to include plenty of furnishings, audio-visual equipment, and other pieces that can be used to entertain.

A billiards table, a card table, air hockey, table tennis, an indoor basketball hoop, and some arcade games are just some of the items you can include that will provide hours of entertainment.

Don’t forget a big screen TV or a projector, complete with surround sound so you can create a theater-type experience to view all the latest blockbusters or classics, and catch every touchdown, homerun, or goal.

Adult Libations

What man cave would be complete without some adult libations? Whether you enjoy brews, single malts, mixed drinks, or perfectly aged reserves, you’ll want to feature a bar in your man cave.

If you’re handy, consider enlisting some of your buddies to help you build your own. Alternatively, you can have a custom-built bar made for the space, or you can purchase something that’s pre-fabricated.

Perfect bar, by Rae Duncan Interior Design

Whichever option you choose, make sure you add in accessories to really bring the look together and create that pub-like setting.

Neon lights and posters on the walls, a beer cooler or wine fridge, shelves to store bottles and glassware, and even a sink and/or dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about lugging dirty glassware back and forth from your man cave to the kitchen.

“Manly” Decorative Elements

If you’re like a lot of men, décor may be the last thing on your mind; however, when you’re designing a man cave, you definitely don’t want to neglect decorative elements, as they help to bring the whole look together and create that chill vibe you want to create (that’s why the inside of your house looks so good, because your wife or girlfriend paid so much attention to the decorative elements!)

Stylish design elements
Stylish design elements

Décor doesn’t have to be “froufrou”; in fact, there are plenty of decorative items that you can use to establish a masculine vibe. Metal picture frames and light fixtures, vintage street signs and lamps, framed posters from your favorite movies or sporting events… Even window coverings can have a masculine feel; shutters, wood blinds, or dark-colored curtains, for example.

A Snack Area

When you’re hanging out with the guys, the last thing you’re going to want to do is run back and forth to the kitchen to grab snacks and refreshments.

By adding a snack area to your man cave, you can access all of your beverages and munchies without ever stepping foot outside of the space. It doesn’t need to be a full kitchen, but you should definitely include some of the basics.

A mini fridge or even a small full-size fridge where you can store refrigerated snacks and a microwave so you can heat those munchies up. A fountain machine, complete with an ice dispenser, where you and your pals can grab as many sodas, iced teas, and lemonades that you want, will ensure that everyone’s whistles are kept wet.

A movie theater style popcorn maker is the perfect addition if you plan on using your man cave to view your favorite flicks.

Of course, you’ll want to add in some storage for bowls, glasses, plates, and utensils, as well as a sink and/or dishwasher (as we mentioned above) so you don’t have to keep running dirty dishes back and forth.

A Bold Staircase

If you need to use a staircase to access your man cave – it’s in the basement or a lower level of your home – dress it up a bit. You want to feel excited when you enter the space, and giving the staircase some attention is a great way to do just that.

A very high-end man cave design
A very high-end man cave design

Add decorative wrought iron railings or custom-made steps and risers, for example, and you and your buddies will feel like you’re descending into a truly separate and special part of your home.

A Sleeping Nook

A man cave can be more than just a spot to hang out with your friends; it can also be used to take a much-needed nap or double as a space for overnight guests. Include furnishings that can be used for a restful sleep.

A sofa bed is an easy and affordable option. If you want to accommodate a few overnight guests, make sure to include a couple. Another great way to add a sleeping area to your man cave is with a murphy bed.

There are plenty of different prefabricated options to choose, or you can have something custom-built for the space. Oversized chaise lounges can also double as beds for naps or bedtime.

Choose a Theme

Are you trying to achieve a specific vibe? If so, choose a theme and incorporate it throughout your man cave.

For instance, if you are a sports fanatic, you could base the entire design on your favorite game or a combination of games. If you love shooting pool, you might want to consider making a top-of-the-line billiards table the focal point and decorating the space so that it looks like a high-end pool hall.

Are you a movie buff? – How about designing your man cave so that it resembles your very own home theater, complete with a plush movie theater seating, a big projector screen, surround sound, frames posters of your favorite flicks, and even a vintage-style popcorn machine.

Love cars? – Go all out with a car theme; use a collection of licenses plates to create a focal wall, use a bumper to create a bar, and display professional-grade images of your favorite makes and models.

Go Ultra-Modern

Do you consider yourself a modern man? Does modern design appeal to you? If so, you might want to consider creating a man cave that has a modern feel.

A monochromatic color palate, clean lines, crisp edges, and polished floors would set the stage for this 21st century hang out space.

Add in some super-modern tech, including the latest gadgets and gizmos, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, and you and your buddies will feel like you’re hanging out in another realm.

Make it Literary

If you love reading, a man cave is the perfect spot to relax and unwind with a good book. Large floor-to-ceiling bookshelves would be the perfect spot to display your collection of books, complete with pot lights overhead to highlight them.

Home library style
Home library style

Comfortable recliners or arm chairs with ottomans will call you into sit down and take in the latest title – or your favorite title.

Side tables are the perfect spot to set a beverage and place a lamp so you can easily see your reading material. Don’t forget to drape some masculine throw blankets along the back of the chairs, in case you get chilly.

Video Game Central

If you’re a self-professed gamer, use your man cave to battle your buds for hours on end without being bugged by the family. If you play on the PC, you’ll want to have at least one high-quality computer with all of the necessary tech to set up and an ergonomic chair so that you can be properly supported while you’re playing.

Arcade games and a bar
Arcade games and a bar

If you prefer console games, use an attractive shelf – whether free-standing, built-in, or hanging – to store your gaming system, controllers, headsets, and games.

Of course, you’ll also want to have a high-end TV with surround sound and a collection of comfortable chairs that you can kick back and play in. Add in some dimmable lights so you can avoid eye strain and set the tone and your man cave will be the perfect gamers retreat.

Summing It Up

When it comes to designing your man cave, there really is no right or wrong way to go.  Think about the overall look and feel that you want to create for your man cave and then incorporate elements that will allow you to bring that feel to life.

Use a combination of the suggestions that we mentioned above, or think outside the box and get creative to design your own one-of-a-kind man cave.

However you design it and whatever elements you incorporate, one thing’s for sure: you and your pals are surely going to have a great time in this secluded space.

Melinda Price

Melinda has a Bachelors Degree in English and has worked as an Interior Designer before starting her own home design company specializing in high-end finishes. She heads up our design team. Contact Melinda@HomesOutline.com

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